Student Life

At Noonan, we recognize that the total environment and the entire student experience develops the social skills, moral values and confidence that students need to be successful. Therefore, Noonan provides a broad spectrum of activities and extra-curriculars to develop the potential of the entire person.

Community Service

At Noonan we recognize that service to others is expressed through giving back to the community. Noonan students are encouraged to participate in community service such as writing letters to military service people, cleaning up litter at a local park, participating in a local food pantry, recycling, visiting nursing homes, etc.


Noonan provides opportunities for students to pursue their interests and explore new activities outside the classroom by participating in a variety of clubs and extracurriculars.

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Speech
  • Drama
  • Student Council
  • Chess Club
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Strategy Club
  • Boys and Girls
  • Basketball
  • Boys and Girls
  • Volleyball
  • Beginner Sports K-3th grade
  • Academic Clubs
  • Girl Scouts
  • Humanitarian Services

Noonan Academy is always willing to start any club if interest arises.

The Academy’s athletic program is an instructional as well as competitive program for students ranging in age from fourth grade through eighth grade. The extracurricular athletic program will be available to all students and will follow a “no-cut” policy.

Student athletes will learn the fundamentals of the sport and be given the opportunity to develop strong, healthy, disciplined minds and bodies. Student athletes will develop a strong sense of good sportsmanship, fair play, and team spirit. Through their participation in this program, the student athlete will develop a sense of leadership, healthy living habits, self-discipline, integrity, teamwork, and the ability to participate with dignity and grace.

The beginner program is a co-ed intramural instructional program to teach the fundamentals of the sport. The 6-week programs are open to all K-3rd grade students. Volleyball is offered in September to the boys and girls and basketball in March. The children are given the opportunity to develop good sportsmanship, fair play, and team spirit. The program is designed to help the students develop skills of the game, participate in game situations and have fun. During all practices and games, volunteer parent coaches promote the “fun” that this program offers.

School Colors: Red/White/Blue
Team Name: Crusaders

At Noonan we seek to develop in each student:

  • Growth in holiness through a personal, ongoing relationship with God.
  • Knowledge of Sacred Scripture.
  • A deep and fulfilling prayer life.
  • A profound understanding of the Catholic faith, knowledge and love of God.
  • Leadership, particularly in religious activities.